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atg Luther & Maelzer Launches New Bare Board Grid Test System

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                                       atg Luther & Maelzer Launches New Bare Board Grid Test System

atg Luther & Maelzer introduced its first grid test system for bare board PCBs, which can be fitted with Universal as well as Dedicated Fixtures. The LM1000 allows the customer to use the type of fixture, which is most appropriate for the actual application: A cost-efficient, less complex Universal Fixture or a more sophisticated Dedicated Fixture, which supports more challenging test of high density PCBs or Kelvin test applications.

Universal Fixtures, in which test pins are directly connected via a spring pin cassette to a universal matrix of electronic test points, are fast to build and very economical. However, due to the restricted number of available test points per square inch, their application is limited in the HDI segment especially when Kelvin test with two test pins on one test pad is required. Dedicated Fixtures overcome the restriction of a limited number of test points per square inch by wiring the test probes to the electronics. This kind of fixture is more expensive and complex. A customer rarely can build them himself and needs to consider longer manufacturing lead times and higher prices. With the LM1000 the customer has the option to switch between the two technologies case by case, allowing him to choose for each application the most economical solution.

For highest throughput and accuracy, the LM1000 is utilizing a modern double shuttle concept with high speed linear drives and integrated optical high resolution scanning. The test heads can be stepped over the product in high precision, ensuring highest first pass rates by micro aligning each image individually. Board sizes up to a size of 300mm x 300mm can be handled. The maximum test area is 163mm x 244mm (6.4’’x9.6’’).

The machine, which is being manufactured in Germany, was designed for easy operation and maintenance. For this it utilizes a complete new touch screen based Human-Machine-Interface. The machine is easy and fast to set up due to auto-calibration and auto-setup of the fixtures, minimizing the change-over times between different jobs. The stable, flawless operation maximizes yield and reduces time in which an operator is required. The compact design provides easy integration in the shop floor.

Jochen Kleinertz, vice president PCB Test Group at Xcerra explains, “With the LM1000 we are offering our customers a very flexible machine. In an early development stage of a PCB, e.g. for the test of larger pre-production samples or when there are still frequent version releases, the machine can be operated with low cost universal fixtures. For mass production, when e. g. constant monitoring of the micro via quality might be required, high end 4-wire Dedicated Fixtures can be used without having to change the machine. This together with the high throughput provides our customers with an economical solution for today’s demanding test challenges.”

About atg Luther & Maelzer

With more than 150 employees worldwide, atg Luther & Maelzer is the leading supplier of electrical testing solutions for the Printed Circuit Board industry. atg Luther & Maelzer offers two product lines: Flying probe and universal grid testers.

atg Luther & Maelzer is a company of Xcerra™ Corporation, which provides capital equipment, interface products, and services to the semiconductor, industrial, and electronics manufacturing industries. Xcerra Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and technologies, and a global network of strategically deployed applications and support resources. Additional information can be found at www.atg-LM.com  and www.Xcerra.com