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Samsung pushes direct-type LED TVs

Post:2013.07.10 Hits:1718

As the global penetration rate of LED TVs is expected to surpass 90% in 2013, Samsung Electronics' proportion of direct-type units is expected to reach as high as 80%.

The global proportion increase comes as LED TVs continue to drop in price to similar levels as CCFL units, which now only hold a 25% market share. As backlighting modules for LED units continue to decrease, and as they continue to become more energy efficient, the market share for CCFL units is expected to further drop.

Amid this trend in the market, Samsung is reportedly adjusting its proportion of LED TVs and is also looking to push more low-priced units in the China market. The company is expected to release new units throughout 2013 and into 2014, most of which are also expected to have thinner designs.

Samsung currently holds the top spot in global TV sales.