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PNC Boosts Quality by Acquiring Real-time X-Ray Inspection System

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 PNC Boosts Quality by Acquiring Real-time X-Ray Inspection System

PNC recently acquired a new X-Ray inspection system, the Jewel Box 70T from Glenbrook Technologies.

"Our focus is always 0n bringing the best quality possible to our customer and this systems is the best on the market to assure that we make that happen," says Sam Sangani, president and owner of PNC.

The system has an 80KV micron focal spot X-ray tube for up to 500X geometric and 1,200X electronic magnification. It allows x-y-z movement rotation and tilt with joy stick positioning. It can accommodate a 16x18 inch panel.

About PNC

Based in Nutley, New Jersey, PNC is one of the country’s leading providers of Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Flex Printed Circuit Boards and the largest PCB supplier in the region. They are committed to providing their customers with innovative solutions for their PCB fabrication and assembly needs. They are committed to working side-by-side with visionary engineers and buyers in all technologies including High Frequency RF/ Microwave boards; Audio, Defense Aerospace and Medical. The dare to take on demanding and challenging technologies including R&D projects. They combine the latest technology with American Innovation to deliver world class printed circuit board solutions including Design, Fabrication and assembly to their customers.