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Nujay Technologies Partners with Top PCB Manufacturer

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 Nujay Technologies Partners with Top PCB Manufacturer

Nujay Technologies has entered into a marketing and sales agreement with one of the top 75 PCB shops in the world. This alliance will add increased capacity and tremendous capability to Nujay’s portfolio. This new vendor-partner is capable of producing 1-40 layers rigid boards, 1-6 layers flex PCBs and 2-18 layers rigid-flex PCBs. They are proficient with higher technology projects, easily handling HDI as well as via-in-pad manufacturing. The new partner provides a total installed production capacity of 1,500,000 sq.feet per month with the employee strength of 3400 spread across 3 factories. This new vendor-partner looks to be a valuable addition to Nujay’s network as it shares their core value of outstanding customer service and providing the highest quality products and also focuses on the low-volume-high mix market. The Nujay Technology team is excited to begin business with this new partner in 2016.

About Nujay Technologies

Nujay Technologies Inc. is a mortarless and borderless global supplier for high quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and Liquid Crystal Modules (LCMs) with an established domestic and offshore vendor partner network, industry expertise and experienced staff.