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Matrix's NEW Hakuto Dry Film Laminator Impresses at IPC

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 Matrix's NEW Hakuto Dry Film Laminator Impresses at IPC

Matrix is delighted with customer reaction at last month’s North American IPC unveiling of the new Hakuto Mach 630NP/6630NP Series Dry Film Laminators and is now ready to provide Sales and Service to all regions of North America.

During the recent APEX/IPC Show in Las Vegas, customers were amazed at the new and Innovative technology such as changing rolls in a matter of seconds.

Matrix believes the NEW Hakuto Mach 630NP Dry Film Laminator will change the game for PCB manufacturing.

Fred Long, Matrix Business Development says: “The new Mach 630NP machine addresses the accuracy needed to assist in the transfer of very fine lines on the latest HSLL laminates using Super Low Profile Copper surfaces.  This is made possible by the new Lamination Module with its EVEN Heat and EVEN Pressure across the entire surface of the laminated panel.  In addition, the ability to change the rubber lamination rolls in seconds will not only increase productivity but will also offer alternative “quick change” rubber solutions for different product needs.  The complete redesign of the film lamination approach will now begin to reach the most important users of this latest technology.  Matrix is eager to show manufacturers that by using the new system, Productivity and Yield will now surpass all traditional ROI expectations.”

See the PCB007 IPC Interview with Dan Feinberg and Fred Long discussing the new laminating machine and its innovative features, click here.

During the next few weeks, Matrix is scheduled to place additional machines in three specific regional areas in the US.  Customers will then be able to travel to these sites and see the machines in operation.

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