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Leading PCB Test Service Installed Second atg Flying Probe System

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 Leading PCB Test Service Installed Second atg Flying Probe System

atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH has confirmed the installation of a second atg A7 flying probe test system for high-speed bare board testing at Circuit Technology Services.

The test system was chosen for its high performance and additional test capabilities such as Kelvin 4 wire, Embedded Component and HIPOT applications.

Circuit Technology Services of Santa Clara, CA is a leading test outsourcing provider located in the San Francisco Bay area. Their facility provides advanced test capabilities serving all leading PCB manufacturers throughout the US.

With 5 flying probe test systems, one capacitance based scanning unit and two Universal grid systems Circuit Technology Services will meet any customer demands.

atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH is based in Wertheim Germany. With more than 150 employees worldwide, atg Luther & Maelzer is the leading supplier of electrical testing solutions for the Printed Circuit Board industry. We have solutions for every application regardless of product type, batch size or technology deployed. Our atg flying probe tester products are renowned for Automation, speed, accuracy, versatility and ease of use, while the Luther & Maelzer universal grid tester product range is known worldwide for high throughput, repeatability, gentle handling and precision accuracy.

Atg’s A7 testers utilize 8 flying probe test heads, multiple optical recognition systems, and a wide variety of advanced, high-speed electrical test measurement techniques to electrically test all types of PCB’s for continuity and isolation. Board sizes of 24” x 21’ (or larger), with small pad/fine pitch technology can be tested quickly and easily. Special options, such as, 4-wire Kelvin tests, Hi-pot test, Latent defect test, and others can be provided.