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LED backlighting pricing to decline 3-8% in 3Q14, says LEDinside -

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 LED backlighting pricing to decline 3-8% in 3Q14, says LEDinside 

LED backlighting prices are expected to decline an average of 3-8% while LED demand for lighting applications will remain flat during the third quarter of 2014, according to LEDinside. The firm said because of the traditional slow season and the World Cup coming to an end, the TV backlight-use LED market is cooling. Global TV panel shipments will fall 6-8%. This will affect China vendors' procurements. As the LED TV backlighting market undergoes a seasonal adjustment, the average price of 3528 LEDs used in direct-type LED TVs has fallen 8% to US$0.24 while the average price of 7020 2-in-1 LEDs used in edge-type LED TVs has dropped 8% to US$0.12. Meanwhile, in the Chip-On-Board (COB) sub-segment, Cree, Citizen, Bridgelux and other makers are all introducing small-size, high luminous efficacy, high-density (HD) products, to which the market has responded enthusiastically. Some of those products are equipped with special features, such as smart wireless controls, the firm added. -