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IPC and EIPC to Hold Workshops in Europe

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IPC and EIPC are working together to bring educational workshops to Europe in 2014. During April, Dr. Martin Anselm, Universal Instruments Corporation, will present two half-day workshops in the UK and Germany on failure analysis and reliability testing. Dr. Anselm is a frequent lecturer at IPC events and has consistently been rated as one of IPC's best instructors. Sign up for one or both workshops:
  • April 25, Enthone, an Alent company, Woking, United Kingdom 
  • April 28, Bus Elektronik, Riesa, Germany (German spoken)
  • April 30, Isola GmbH, Düren, Germany (German spoken)
Workshop 1 

Date: April 25, 28 or 30
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Theme: Failure analysis - Lessons Learned
Presenter: Dr. Martin Anselm, Universal Instruments Corporation

When reviewed in conjunction with research, failures provide a unique perspective on design for manufacturability and reliability. This course will provide valuable lessons learned from practical experience through discussion of material selection, current electronics research and failure analysis case studies. Design considerations for advanced assembly processes and analytical techniques for materials characterization will also be covered.

In addition, a review of lead-free laminate selection and testing procedures will shed some light on the question, "Can your board withstand 9x reflow?" Participants are encouraged to bring specific questions or examples of surface mount process difficulties to be shared in open discussion at the end of the course.

  • Major difficulties in lead-free reliability testing
  • Mixed alloy assembly best practices
  • ENEPIG intermetallic formation morphologies
  • PCB plating considerations
  • Analytical testing techniques
  • Root causes of production failures
  • Failure analysis studies - fine-pitch printing, PoP, 01005 defects, and high Tg laminate failures
Workshop 2 
Date: April 25, 28, or 30
Time: 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Theme: Reliability Testing of Intermetallic Fragility on ENIG upon Addition of Limitless Cu 
Presenter: Dr. Martin Anselm, Universal Instruments Corporation

Intermediate to Advanced 

As reliability requirements increase, the need to characterize components used in electronics assemblies also increases. OEMs and EMS companies look to perform characterizations early in the process to limit quality-related issues and improve both assembly yields and device reliability. With the use of BGA devices, higher stress conditions, RoHS-compatible materials and increased package densities tend to cause premature failures in intermetallic layers. Therefore, it is necessary to have quantitative and qualitative test methodologies to address these interfaces.