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Forewin Chooses Orbotech System for Advanced Flex Production

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 Forewin Chooses Orbotech System for Advanced Flex Production

ORBOTECH LTD. ORBK, announced today that Forewin FPC Co Ltd., a large Chinese flexible printed circuit (FPC) manufacturer has for a second time, selected Orbotech's production solutions for its high-end fine-line flex applications.

Forewin's Suzhou-based printed circuit board shop was looking for premium technology that would offer very high throughput and maximum yields, while ensuring optimal environmental protection.

Forewin selected Orbotech's Paragon-Xpress™ 9 Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) system, which is designed for high-speed throughput of up to 5,000 panels per day per line.  With the ability to achieve a depth-of-focus and significantly improved yields, the Paragon-Xpress™ 9 enjoys a reputation as one of the most stable solutions on the market.

"We primarily chose Orbotech's LDI system for our fine-line FPC applications to better serve our customer base; however, we also considered which solution would minimize the overall environmental impact of our operations.  We look forward to establishing a long-term co-operative relationship with Orbotech as we continue to secure our positioning as a global leader in the Flex industry," explained Mr. Paul Hsu, General Manager at Forewin.

Forewin, which specializes in the most advanced Flex applications, was established in 2010.  In the third quarter of 2014 it made its first Orbotech product purchase and has now made a follow-up order. "We are very pleased that Forewin has chosen Orbotech's Paragon-Xpress laser-direct imaging system for its latest Flex applications", said Gaby Waisman, President of Orbotech Pacific Ltd. "Our field-proven systems are aimed at increasing customers' yield rate, lowering their costs and enhancing overall product quality."

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