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EUTECT's Thermode Soldering for Small and Large Series

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 EUTECT's Thermode Soldering for Small and Large Series

EUTECT will be introducing a thermode-soldering system for small and large series at productronica 2015. A complete system tailored specially for EMS companies and cable assemblers is involved here. Thermode soldering enables the processing of flex foils, cable wires, and ribbon cables. It's characterized by high result quality and reproducibility as well as minimal cycle times.

The complete TL XS 800 system involves a table module. EUTECT integrated the unit for thermode soldering into the standard XS 800 cell in the process. 'Our goal is to provide the customer a small, compact unit for small and large series as well as for prototype construction in the area of flex foil, cable wire, and ribbon cable processing', explains Matthias Fehrenbach, managing director of EUTECT GmbH. 'Furthermore, adjusting the machine quickly and flexibly to new orders must be possible', continues Fehrenbach.

So the TL XS 800 is equipped with a quick-change head on the thermode line to enable fast exchange among different orders. The thermode line is disconnected from the machine in the process. Two quick-acting locks are released; the line is simply pulled out after that and a new one installed. The whole quick-change head is equipped with integrated cooling in order to keep the cycle time to a minimum.

The module for thermode soldering is fitted with path monitoring and temperature control. This control enables solder joint inspection during the soldering process and therefore also operational data recording for quality control. Thus for instance a component's tilted or skewed position can be recorded and avoided. Reproducible and process-reliable soldering is guaranteed at all times.

The whole soldering unit is operated via a touch screen. The thermode's impact force, the sunken path, and the soldering time can be specified using integrated EUTECT software. The stand-by temperature, soldering temperature, and time until the thermode reaches working temperature from stand-by can also be defined. A maximum working temperature of 450 °C can be achieved in this connection.

The assembly is fixed to the component support within the machine, which is fitted with two servo axes. The component can be moved within a 200 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm range on these axes. An accuracy of ±0.02 mm can be achieved here.

'The machine offers flexible thermode soldering in the smallest possible space. Because a table module is involved, the customer can also install the machine on already installed storage areas in his production. Or he orders an optional height-adjustable table system from us along with it', summarizes Fehrenbach.

EUTECT GmbH can be found in hall A4, stand 314 at productronica 2015.

For over 20 years, soldering and joining systems have been developed, manufactured, installed, and programmed at EUTECT as well as at customers operating worldwide. The Swabian team of experts offers an extensive, constantly evolving module construction kit for process solutions in the field of soldering.

Process-related and commercially optimal modules for the task description will be chosen from the selective soldering- and welding-technology process modules and combined into proven stand-alone, revolving, or inline production designs for complete solutions.

The EUTECT module construction kit shows that a slim, individual solution comprising proven building blocks for a customer product's task description can often be achieved via individual modules or free combinations.

A technologically comprehensive, innovative EUTECT technical centre is available for the optimal solution through evaluation or the manufacture of A-B-C prototypes ready for serial production.

Matthias Fehrenbach has officially been a permanent part of the family company's management since 2010. Moreover he leads the development department at EUTECT.