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Welldone Electronics Ltd. is a professional PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturer in China, serving design engineers and contract manufacturers. Welldone can meet all your PCB manufacturing needs from single sided to complex multi-layered PCB's and from prototype through mass production. It's our objective at Welldone Electronics to serve our customers requirements by exceeding their expectations in quality, delivery and cost.

         Our products are more and more used in telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, TV, DVD, watches, game consoles and other home appliances. Company now has a number of advanced circuit board production equipment, such as CNC drilling, copper sink, copper, tin plating automatic production line, exposure machine, fully automatic shooting machine shift, lead-free HASL, Immersion Gold, automatic electric materials; HAL, L / F HAL, OSP (Entek), Immersion gold / silver / tin, gold, finger and other surface treatment processes.

        Welldone Electronics Ltd. focused on the development of technology of PCB since its establishment, and efforts to improve the company's technology level and first class quality,timely delivery ,continuous improvement in the field of PCB production to meet customer's guiding direction and obtain greater progress and development.







Ganzhou Welldone Electronics Ltd. (赣州市上正电路有限公司) is a professional MCPCB (metal base PCB) manufacturer, which is belongs welldone Electronics Ltd. and it establish in order to enlarge the capacity and control the quality better of MCPCB products. Ganzhou Welldone Electronics Ltd. is located on fashion city Xinfeng, where scenery beautiful and traffic convenient. We served MPCB for LED light and LED lamps industry, and we specialize in manufacturing of Aluminum base PCB, copper base PCB, lamp PCB and thermoelectric separation  board. We have experienced team which devote to develop LED COB integrated light, high power lamps of aluminum base PCB and copper base PCB. We also continuously cooperate and lifting capacity to achieve the relevance requirement of LED products, such as light effect, radiating, resistance pressure and heat proof. We own national patent of high efficiency silver COB base plate and high thermal conductive board. Our products enjoy a high reputation in the market.


Infomation of Ganzhou Welldone Electronics Ltd.:

Company established since  2005 in Hong Kong.

Plant established since 2021 in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China
Plant Area:10,000 sq.m. 
Number of workers/Staff: 120
-----Production: 76% 
-----Quality: 10%
-----Engineering: 4%
-----Others: 10%
Designed Production Capacity for Phase 20,000 sq.m/per month
Current capacity: 80%


Welldone Advantage
7 days 24 hours available
Best price
Best quality
On-time delivery and Quick turn service
Good communication and service

Our Clients
During the past 15 years, Welldone Electronics Ltd. has been serving in AEI, Foxconn, HP, Motorola and other international companies, and providing excellent quality and professional service to customers, and praised by them. [More+ ]